Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Envelope Please…

It’s amazing to me that this little white envelope:

envelope redacted

can hold the key to life—where will Tyler spend the next 2 years of his life?  These pivotal years where he will learn to rely on himself (he already does that really well—he hasn’t needed parents since he was about 9—except to drive him places and pay for stuff).  Even more, he will learn to rely on the Lord through moments of great joy and deepest despair.

These are the years which will develop his testimony and provide the foundation of experience upon which he will rely the rest of his life.  He will learn about service and sacrifice and demonstrate his love for the Lord.  All that we have is His, it’s really such a small portion to give back.

But, I’m feeling more like this:

I have spent the last 18 1/2 years trying to protect him and love him and teach him.  It has been my primary purpose in life and now it’s time to let go. 

I won’t lie, I don’t want to.

This is my service and sacrifice.