Monday, March 10, 2014

Wedding Lunch


After the temple, we headed toward Hesperia where the reception would be that evening at the home of Tori’s parents.

On the way, we had lunch with our family and close friends who attended the temple with us in the morning.

It’s kind of like a progressive wedding, moving from town to town…

However, we only have a few pictures to commemorate this part of the day:


courtesy of Tori’s family.  Bryce was on camera duty, but he had handed me the camera somewhere at the temple and I didn’t find it again for a few hours.  Eh.

It was Tori’s sister’s birthday.  When Justin and Tori announced their wedding date, Tori’s mom made her call her sister and ask permission since it was her birthday.  We sang “Happy Birthday” and there was cake and she got to take a picture with Flat Tyler so I think it worked out.

At the lunch, the parents took turns saying nice things about Tori and Justin.

My head had been spinning with flowers and catering and tablecloths, so I asked Jeff to take over the program aspect of it.

In truth, I kept waiting to have words for this very momentous moment.

I always have words. Typically, an overabundance of words.

But I couldn’t find any words.  I tried and tried for weeks prior, but they would not come.

When Jeff took the microphone, he spoke poetically about instances in Justin’s life where he had pushed us (lovingly) away saying, “I got this”.  He was perfect.

Jeff closed with:

“Fact is, from day one Justin has been ready. And today, another big ‘I got this’ step. He is a great son. I would have to honestly say that Justin is one of my role models. We applaud his life so far, we congratulate him on this the most important day of his life, and we thank him for his persistence, obedience, diligence and effort. Justin, we love you unconditionally. You are a star in our lives. And lastly we know, ‘you got this’.”

Then Jeff turned to me and offered me the chance to say something.


We had agreed!  He was speaking, I was hostessing.  This was not in the plan!

My heart was so full, nearly to bursting.  But I still didn’t have words.

So what did I do?


Sloppy cry and mumbled something (loudly, wetly, into the microphone) about being so glad to finally have a daughter.  Which I meant, of course, and Tori cannot be more lovely.

But it was not my finest moment.  I want a do-over.

What I could have—should have—said (or sang if I were really brave), to my son, my heart:

I’ll love you forever.

I’ll like you for always.

As long as I’m living,

My baby you’ll be.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

My Sam’s Club Squeeze

Last weekend the Hubs and I went to Sam’s Club.  As we shopped, we wandered a bit.  We both ended up in the clothing section (ok, so a good portion of our wardrobe may or may not come from the Sam’s club stacks, don’t judge!) 

Me:  Jeff, where’s the cart?

No response.  It’s loud, his hearing isn’t the best, he’s in the zone, I get it.

Me (louder, closer):  Jeff, where’s the cart?

Still no response.

So I sidle up behind him and give him a little touch and a tickle on his back & side (NOT to be confused with his “backside”!!). 

Me (in his ear, still tickling him):  Hon, where’s the cart?

At that moment, I look up and see my Hon looking at me from across the stacks, about 6 feet away.


It is then that I realize that I have just invaded the personal space of someone that was most definitely NOT my Hon.


I madly start apologizing and explaining that “Oh!  That’s (pointing) my Hon over there!” and apologizing again.  Add a healthy dose of embarrassed laughter.  He recovered and told me his “Hon was back there” (pointing behind us)…

Then I worried that I might really be in trouble with his Hon.  So we hightailed it out of there.

My face might have recovered its natural color a mere few hours later…

Monday, March 3, 2014

You Didn’t Think That Was It, Did You?

We are just getting started!


Wait, this is kind of a funny close up:


Which seems to be a common face for me, complete with “jazz hands”:


But I digress.

Our new daughter comes from a large family…



Justin just gained 8 new brothers and sisters plus spouses, and even better--nieces and nephews!  How lucky they were to have all of the siblings able to attend.


We were really grateful for so many of our family making the trip for the wedding.



I think it’s obvious where Justin gets his good looks.


Our immediate family pictures hit a little snag.  Do you see the problem?


I promise you that Jeff was VERY happy about the day’s events.  JOYOUS even.  There is absolutely NOTHING in this world that makes Jeff HAPPIER than his kids.  Unfortunately, that feeling did not translate into these photos... 

One of my FAVORITE things about Jeff is his humor.  When he is enjoying himself or laughing at something (his brother especially brings out his best laughs--his brother is VERY funny) he gets this exaggerated belly laugh that just makes me happy to the very core of my being. 


These two have no trouble being photogenic!

Next stop:  lunch!

**Photos by Heather Gibbons Photography**

Saturday, March 1, 2014

It’s a Girl!

Just a few things have been happening around here.  Not the least of which, after 22 years of hard labor, we finally have a daughter!

This daughter of another mother joined our family on December 28th in the waning days of 2013.  We couldn’t be happier!

Tori is lovely.  Best of all, she adores our son—what more could we ask?

Here’s a little photo montage of the blessed events:


She officially said “Yes” in August





Engagement Pictures by Natalie Pickard


“THE DAY” at the Los Angeles Temple.  Tori texts that she’s almost there.  Click HERE to learn more about temple weddings for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


Meanwhile, Flat Elder Peacock is welcoming guests to the Visitor’s Center at the Los Angeles Temple.


“Real” Elder Peacock is serving a two-year mission in Peru.  But Flat Tyler had a fabulous time at the wedding…



Flat Elder Peacock even met Flat Sister Icantrememberhername, also serving a mission in Peru.











Cutie pie Grandparents


And may I take a moment to mention that Bryce’s braces came off 6 weeks later?  After 5 YEARS, he missed the wedding [pictures] by 6 WEEKS!  But I’m not bitter or anything.

But let’s get to the main event:

Announcing Mr. and Mrs. Justin Peacock!





Aren’t they the cutest?