Thursday, November 29, 2012

Afterlife for Ty’s Ties?

I just saw this wreath idea on a Good Housekeeping page of…

A wreath made of men's neckties

Hmmm… I might have to remember this when all these ties come home in two years…


Of course, I may have to sneak them out of his room in the middle of the night.  He loves his ties!

Friday, November 9, 2012

This Did It.

I’ve been getting grief lately for my lack of blogging (from the two people who seem to check it!).  I’ve been too busy living life to muse and write.  But I do miss it, and I will be back.  However, something took me totally by surprise the other day and so it’s worth a mention.

We kicked our Tyler to the curb on Wednesday.  Literally.  That is the “rip off the bandaid” method for depositing a piece of your heart in the Lord’s hands for two years as they serve a mission somewhere in the world.  It’s pure genius.  OK, inspiration.  Really.  More on that later.


Tyler has been sorting his worldly goods.  What to pack, what to save, what to give and what to throw.

It looks kinda like this:


(I made those last two piles, can you tell?)

Justin is away at school so Bryce gets first dibs on the give or throw pile (and I caught him going through the save pile last night!!).  The very next day he chose to wear one of his acquisitions.

As he got into the car, I flashed through the years in an instant.


I lost it.


Big sobs.

Ugly cry.


In fairness, this wasn’t just any old tshirt.  This was a sweatshirt that Tyler wore on nearly every day that wasn’t 90 degrees. For at least the last four years. 

Here is a picture of him wearing it in 2008:

P1050154 copy

Seriously, its identity IS Tyler.  Tyler even wondered if he shouldn’t hold on to it until he returned but I actually encouraged him to move on.  Lot’s wife yada yada.  It had given its all.

Little did I know it was going to come walking out of the house the next day.

2012-11-03 11.21.32

Apparently, it has a little more to give.