Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Am I neurotic?  (rhetorical question, don’t reply to that.)

I woke up in a cold sweat at 5:08 this morning, a scream lodged in my throat.  It was a really bad nightmare.

I dreamed I was running around doing errands.  I get home and Bryce is helping me unload the car when I receive THE call.

“Mrs. P, this is Dr. P….”  but before he can finish, I KNOW what he’s calling about. 

I hurriedly say, nay scream, “Bryce, get your stuff, we gotta…” but then I look at my watch.  It’s too late. Much too late.

The doctor continues in my ear:  “Uh, yeah, you missed Bryce’s orthodontic appointment AGAIN.  I’ve called the police…”

33720066_14743432bb The police?  What?  They care about our orthodontic compliance????  Send them to England!

It was then I woke up.  When I calmed down I realized it was Wednesday, early Wednesday.  There was still time to make that 2:15 pm appointment today.  Or, to miss it, depending on where the brain goes.  Where does it go?  I miss it sometimes.  I’ve also missed a lot of appointments relating to teeth.  Coincidence?  I had a lot of time to think about it though, I couldn’t get back to sleep.


The Queen said...

That was SO funny. It's so sad what our brain does to us!!!

Spiker said...

Love freaky dreams... have them all the time!