Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lesson from Childhood Unlearned

Or we could entitle this post:

“I Told You So!”


Testosterone and Packages

I’m sure all parents can relate to this little scene…

Mom:  “[insert kid’s name here]! Stop hitting him!  Ok that’s it!  You’re in time out!”

Kid 1:  “But Mom! He hit me first!”

Kid 2":  “Did not!”

Repeat and add layers of detail, finger pointing and accusation.  The weary mother has no idea who did what but she only saw the final meltdown in Kid 1. Kid 1 gets punished while Kid 2 hides a knowing smile. 

Dad:  “You can only call what you see.  It’s always the retaliator that gets it the worst.  Know it. Learn it.”

I know you know what I’m talking about.

Now.  Go with me to a lighted football stadium full of several thousand spectators.  There are 22 of these “kids” on the field with only a few “moms” wearing zebra costumes.  Course, the “kids” are all now young men weighing between 150 and 300+ lbs. and have come padded up for a little rumble.

You’re getting the picture.   Kid 2 is smart.  He gets his licks in surreptitiously.  He pins Kid 1.  He squeezes the package.  Kid 2 lashes out to free himself.  Kicks indiscriminately.  Hits paydirt.  Gets up and walks away.  Kid 2 is alone on the field writhing in pain.

And that’s what got Tyler (Kid 1) kicked out of the game in the 3rd quarter of the game last week.  Per CIF rules he could not play last night either.  He’ll be back next week.  Fortunately, Saugus won both games as he paced and cheered on his team and lamented the unfairness of it all.


The Queen said...

Loi always says if you're gonna get kicked out you might as well make it worth it.

Not that he condones that sort of behavior Tyler!!!

Hoskins Family said...

Yay for Saugus! The only undefeated team in Foothill! I am sure this week has been hard for Ty!

Kevin and Lindsey said...

I love how you explain the story Lisa! Although unfortunate, your explanation made me smile. Glad he gets to play again soon!

Spiker said...

Boys... oh well at least kid #2 had a gentle reminder that payback is a B-word.

Nancy Stewart said...


Now I can return the compliment. As the mother of three boys, two of them twins, I relate so much to Me n the Boys. It's wonderful, and it made me smile!