Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I Owe Tyler and Justin an Apology…

We moved into our current home in 1997.  It was a repossession and the landscaping was dirt in the backyard (it was grass at one time).  Justin was 6, Tyler was 3 and Bryce was an infant. 

I found these cute matching raincoats with a nice fleece lining at JC Penney and the deal was too good to pass up—like $6 each.  A real stretch since we used every dime we had to get into our house.  I bought them for Tyler and Justin. 

One day in the late summer it was raining.  Hard.  The boys asked if they could go and play out in the rain.  I said they could if they wore their raincoats. 

I went about my business.  About half an hour later I looked out and saw two little boys splashing and throwing mud at each other, their cute new raincoats caked in mud. I blew a gasket.  Seriously, after 13 years I can still remember how FURIOUS I was.  I’m not sure what I thought “playing in the rain” would entail, and why I was SO SURPRISED, but I was. (I don’t have a picture of the event—I was not that forward thinking—I borrowed this one for effect so don’t be confused if you don’t recognize this kid!!)

I yelled and washed and fumed and issued consequences pell mell. I couldn’t get over the mess, especially on those cute little raincoats (that washed up just fine, by the way.  And, being California, they were used exactly 5 more times over the next few years until Bryce grew out of the larger one).

I’m so so sorry J&T.  That was crazy of me.  Little boys SHOULD play in the mud!!!

The reason for this remembrance:  It’s all I could think IMG_1242about when I went to Bryce’s football game Saturday morning in the pouring rain.  The adults were all huddled under EZ Ups in the stands so that we wouldn’t get wet, but we sent our 13 year old sons out to play.  And, unlike the majority of fields we play on, this one was (and I do mean “WAS”) real grass.

So… (Bryce is #66.  Course, most of the numbers became increasingly obscured as the game wore on.)

DSC_4005 DSC_4085DSC_4087

We paid good money (and an even more expensive commodity—time) for this!  We won in overtime!

IMG_1249 IMG_1257

As if they were not muddy enough, they dove into the mud to celebrate their win!  Bryce looked to me for approval and I even encouraged it!!  (I am really, really sorry J&T!!!)


Here is the team in all their glory!

IMG_1264  IMG_1274

I wish I could go out today WITH my little boys to play in the mud (if it were raining, and if we still had dirt, and if I had a time machine).  Look at the love from THIS mom:

DSC_4269She knows what it’s all about!  I’ll have to pay mine forward with my grandkids!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

By the Numbers

In honor of Tyler’s last football game…
peacock spirit ad
6 Seasons of Football
63 Games Played
1 Trip to Urgent Care (Stitches)
1 Game Missed
1 Touchdown
575 Practices
75 Rolls of Athletic Tape
862 Bottles of Gatorade
1,900++ Hours

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Glory Days

If the season ended today, I think it would be a success.  Tyler had one of “those” games.  I couldn’t slow down my heartbeat for at least 24 hours after it was over!

Justin had a magical varsity experience.  It was just the right group of young men at the right time.  His senior year, his team went undefeated in league, beating Hart (first time since the 70’s) and Valencia (cross town rivals), and going deep into the playoffs (knocked out by perennial football powerhouse St. Bonaventure). 

Tyler’s first season of varsity was good for him personally, but his team stalled out and didn’t go to playoffs after losing a coin toss (there was a 3-way tie for 3rd).  I just wanted him to have that ONE game—you know, where your team overcomes and wins the game when no one thought you could.  Where the team is more than the sum of its parts. Gravy:  the opposing team is Hart or Valencia. 

This was that game. 

(Tyler is #68 in pictures, he plays center) 


Let me set the scene:  This was the 2nd league game for both teams, both coming in with 1 loss, but pretty equal pre-season records.  The local sportswriters picked Hart across the board to stomp.  Our QB had been injured the previous week and would not play.  Likewise, one of our captains, a linebacker had been taken away in an ambulance and would play, but was still compromised.


First half.  We are tearing them up defensively, but they still manage to score 14 points.  Our offense can’t get anything going.  Penalties are killing us.  Interceptions don’t help.  Not looking good.


Second half.  All Saugus.  The offense was amazing.  They don’t give up.  The defense keeps on keeping on, stopping Hart each time.  Their QB never knows where the blitz is coming next and gets really skittish. They hurt themselves with penalties and interceptions.


Hart gets the ball back with 3 minutes left (way too much time!  We did not come here to tie!)  But the defense does their job and more.  Too bad for Hart, it was their Homecoming!1061433436_hAH8A-XL

Words can’t describe the awesomeness of this game.  As I type, it’s just not coming through.


  But Tyler knows.


And no one can take that away.


Even better that Grandpa George was there to share.


We won the next week too.  The Signal Headline:

“Call them contenders”


That’s what I’m talking about.

Yep, It’s Football Season


Exhibit “A”