Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I Owe Tyler and Justin an Apology…

We moved into our current home in 1997.  It was a repossession and the landscaping was dirt in the backyard (it was grass at one time).  Justin was 6, Tyler was 3 and Bryce was an infant. 

I found these cute matching raincoats with a nice fleece lining at JC Penney and the deal was too good to pass up—like $6 each.  A real stretch since we used every dime we had to get into our house.  I bought them for Tyler and Justin. 

One day in the late summer it was raining.  Hard.  The boys asked if they could go and play out in the rain.  I said they could if they wore their raincoats. 

I went about my business.  About half an hour later I looked out and saw two little boys splashing and throwing mud at each other, their cute new raincoats caked in mud. I blew a gasket.  Seriously, after 13 years I can still remember how FURIOUS I was.  I’m not sure what I thought “playing in the rain” would entail, and why I was SO SURPRISED, but I was. (I don’t have a picture of the event—I was not that forward thinking—I borrowed this one for effect so don’t be confused if you don’t recognize this kid!!)

I yelled and washed and fumed and issued consequences pell mell. I couldn’t get over the mess, especially on those cute little raincoats (that washed up just fine, by the way.  And, being California, they were used exactly 5 more times over the next few years until Bryce grew out of the larger one).

I’m so so sorry J&T.  That was crazy of me.  Little boys SHOULD play in the mud!!!

The reason for this remembrance:  It’s all I could think IMG_1242about when I went to Bryce’s football game Saturday morning in the pouring rain.  The adults were all huddled under EZ Ups in the stands so that we wouldn’t get wet, but we sent our 13 year old sons out to play.  And, unlike the majority of fields we play on, this one was (and I do mean “WAS”) real grass.

So… (Bryce is #66.  Course, most of the numbers became increasingly obscured as the game wore on.)

DSC_4005 DSC_4085DSC_4087

We paid good money (and an even more expensive commodity—time) for this!  We won in overtime!

IMG_1249 IMG_1257

As if they were not muddy enough, they dove into the mud to celebrate their win!  Bryce looked to me for approval and I even encouraged it!!  (I am really, really sorry J&T!!!)


Here is the team in all their glory!

IMG_1264  IMG_1274

I wish I could go out today WITH my little boys to play in the mud (if it were raining, and if we still had dirt, and if I had a time machine).  Look at the love from THIS mom:

DSC_4269She knows what it’s all about!  I’ll have to pay mine forward with my grandkids!


Zurmely family said...

write more posts like this more often... it'll keep me living in the moment. love ya!

Little Star said...

Loved this story! I took my 4 year old niece to Disneyland when it was 95 degrees. In CA Adventure in the Redwood Creek play area she found a stream about an inch deep. She ripped off her shoes and socks, rolled up her leggings and started playing in the water. (Great pictures from this day.) Other kids saw her and followed suit. I was horrified by the parents who started screaming at their children to get out of the water (an INCH Deep) and put their shoes back on. We were at Disneyland and it was HOT! Play with your grandkids in the mud. :)

Carrie said...

Oh my goodness - - looks like fun! I see some familiar faces with Coach Brewer in the background. Love those days.

Catherine said...

first, i came upon your blog using the 'next blog' button. second, i had the exact same 'mud' moment with my daughter a few days ago, but it was with her cute rain boots. :) i sent her outside in them after 2 wks of rain, told her to stay out of the mud and was SHOCKED when she came back covered in it. anyway, cute blog, keep it up!

Pull Up A Chair said...

Normally I don't stop on the "family" blogs. There are just so many of them and most are pretty much a snore fest. I stopped because I liked the photo of your "boys" Really a nice picture, deserving to be hung on the wall.

I read your lament about freaking out over your kids getting caked with mud. I totally understand both of your reactions. The anger at the mud event and then the heart felt sorrow for losing your mind temporarily.

We have all done it. All moms that is. The big difference is, you (and I) realized it was the wrong reaction and actually had the balls to tell your precious kids, just how sorry you were for going nuts.

My mother NEVER once apologized to me for anything she ever did. She was mean and she never had any regrets for the horrible things she did to me which, by the way, were far worse than just yelling like a maniac for a couple of minutes.

When I had my two kids, I made a promise to never, ever hit them. I broke the promise but, not in any big way. They both got smacked on a bottom for doing something dangerous when they were very little- about 2 till they were 5. I never, ever hurt them, at least not physically.

BUT, it is the sudden bursts of nut-ball, crazy over something like you described that surprised me about myself. I went on a tangent about my son interrupting his guitar teacher by wanting to perform a song in front of the guitar class. He had only 3 or 4 lessons and had not really learned a song yet but he wanted to take over the class and perform. I didn't freak out then but in the car on the way home I was crazy. Then, later, when I thought about it, my reaction was so much worse than his innocent need to perform that I began crying and told him how sorry I was for being such an idiot. How I always want him to be who he is.

I still feel bad about my tirade in the car. I hope he can remember my sincere, heart-felt apology when he thinks about that ride in the car when he is 40.

Anyway - I loved your story. Thanks