Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Carry On

I came home so FILLED after the trek that I’d hoped to record our experiences immediately.  Life happened.  BUT, I do not want to forget, so continue on with me... 

This is what we did on Day 2.


‘Brigham Young’ reported that Governor Boggs had issued the Extermination Order and sent us on our way.


Along the way, we took a wrong turn.  Especially unfortunate was the fact that on this leg we were the 2nd handcart in the first Company, which meant we had nearly the farthest to backtrack.   Coincidence?  I don’t think so!


Bryce was reluctantly “hitched” to this cute young woman (never met before).  This was as close as he would get to holding her hand and he refused to look her in the face.  He should be so lucky.  Really.


We were a bit “bugged” this day.  We were pretty grossed out until we looked closer and realized those were all ladybugs landing on my shirt.  If all the bugs had been ladybugs it would not have been so bad, but alas, that was not the case.  Made us grateful for long sleeves and long pants.  And, really, while we’re on the subject, the bonnets were EXTREMELY useful to shade from the sun.  Fashionable, no.  Practical, yes.


The major challenge for this day was the fact that the road had washed out, causing a steep drop off of about 4 feet.  The Captains huddled and the plan was to empty one handcart at a time and using a line of youth like a bucket brigade to pass the contents to the other side of the road. AND THEN, pass the actual handcart over too (imagine crowd surfing, and you’re getting the idea).  Note that my beefy boys are first in line to move the handcart.

Of course, this was particularly hard on us since we had perfected our method for loading the handcart only that morning and it was packed PERFECTLY!



We ended with Porter Rockwell, dutch oven desserts and a fun hoedown with a live band.  The girls fretted to attend a dance not looking (or smelling) quite their best, but they had fun anyway!

At the end of the day, Jeff taught about Ephraim Hanks who answered the call to help rescue the Martin Handcart Company.  While others needed to time in order to prepare to leave, Ephraim answered “I am ready now!”  We learned about the miracles of the buffalo meat he was able to bring to the starving company.  His story provides a brilliant example of someone who was prepared and ready serve at a moment’s notice, who prayed for specific needs and recognized the hand of God in all things.

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