Sunday, July 3, 2011

Back in the Day

Bryce and I were playing cards tonight.  Truly, he is shuffle-challenged.  We decide that it must not be a genetic trait, since I have absolutely no coordination, but I can shuffle like nobody’s business…

Bryce:  And type.  You type really fast.

Me:   I used to be better.  The computer has ruined me.  Knowing the backspace key is there has ruined my accuracy.

Bryce:   Like, what?  You used a TYPEWRITER?

Me:  Well, ya.  That’s how I learned.  I had a typing class in high school.  We used typewriters.

Bryce:  No.  Really?

Me:  Yeah, really.  I used a typewriter to type my papers all the way through college.  I only started using a computer when my roommate made me, in graduate school.

Bryce:  A TYPEWRITER? (clearly incredulous, like it’s some medieval torture device.  Maybe it was.)

Me:  Yeah.

Bryce:  Really?

Me:  YEAH. (indignant now)

Bryce: Wow.

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