Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Boys Being Boys… & I LOVE IT!

Bryce loves this show:

Recently, they had an episode where Adam and Jamie  (those guys ^ up there) were placed on a deserted island with an unlimited supply of duct tape and nothing more.  At the end of the episode, they made a canoe out of duct tape (see the last clip HERE).

Well, what should I see on the back porch the next day?


The engineers (Bryce & cousin Zack) hard at work making magic with duct tape, palm fronds & assorted items collected from the recycling bin.


Of course, then they needed to test it:


Pretty good, but how strong is it?  Let’s see if it will carry a 1 gallon container filled with water…


OR.  What about this ROCK


Um. No.  They mentioned trying to put a dog in it, but I nixed that idea too, much to Sparky’s relief.


SOOOO much better than playing video games.  I don’t even care that they used $20 worth of duct tape.  This is what boys should be doing on a beautiful spring day.


Tawny said...

Love it! We are always running out of Duck tape around here. Austin and Aubrey are always making things out of it. We are even having a duck tape craft night at our house this week for Young women.

Michelle M said...

What fun photos! Zack is still talking about his few days with you and has decided it should be an annual adventure. He loved it...Thanks for the memories!