Saturday, May 26, 2012

Introduction to the World of PRs

Our youngest son introduced us to something new this spring.


Track & Field.

I know what you’re thinking.

A Peacock kid running?


They don’t call him “Greased Lightning” on the football field for nothing.

(The nickname is ironic, just so you know.  And actually, just to set the record straight, it turns out Tyler can run.  But this is Bryce’s story today).

Anyway, where was I?

Oh yeah, throwing metal objects.  That’s what Bryce did in Track & Field…





And Discus.

I guess they don’t let high school kids play with javelins.  Probably wise.

So here’s the interesting thing.  Well, it was interesting to me, since my kids have always played team sports.  There are amazing lessons to be learned in team sports but what I really liked about throwing is that it was much more about improving yourself instead of beating someone else.


Personal Record.

That was the goal each week—to do better than you did last week.  Someone didn’t have to lose for you to win.  Sweet.

Of course, if your best was better than someone else’s best, then you did get points for your team.  BUT.  The focus was on the individual competing against himself.  Is he progressing?

Bryce progressed.  He was awarded most improved on the throwing team. (Proud mother moment, sorry).



New life lessons with great applicability in real life.  I love the idea that we don’t have to compare ourselves to others to feel successful.  That someone else doesn’t have to lose for me to win.  And I love that the goal is to seek personal improvement rather than winner take all.


I like it.

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