Friday, September 14, 2012


When #1 son returned from serving the Lord in Mexico City for two years, we could not wait to see him.  We had exchanged emails each Monday for 104 weeks and Skyped exactly 4 times.  But who’s counting?  Suffice it to say, anticipation was at an all time high.

He did not push all others aside to seek first the woman who bore him.

He did not bypass that woman (ME!) to hug the father who so diligently wrote him Epistles (capitalization intentional) each week, supported his expenses, and loves him more than ice cream (ice cream is just one of the things that his father loves LESS than he).


He walked right up and embraced #2 son.  His brother.


How could I feel bad about that? 

He’s loved him since he was born.

Justin Tyler 1983