Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mayhem on the 2nd Floor


This is Zoey.

2012-01-23 16.41.45

She hangs out with this guy a lot.


For some reason she likes Sparky even though he rules with in iron paw.  He bosses her around constantly.


Here he is guarding the door to “his” room.  If she attempts to cross the border he’ll snarl and bark at her.


Despite that, she is sunny and optimistic.

Sometimes she’ll mind him and sometimes she’ll just toss her head and do whatever she wants anyway. 

But she always acknowledges his dominance.


It’s hard being on the bottom of the food chain.

But she has discovered there are some in our household that are lower than her.


This is Teddy and Bear. 

They live in the room where boys used to live.  It’s directly above my office.

Zoey doesn’t like them.  Can’t stand them.

Sometimes I can hear what sounds like herds of elephants galloping (do elephants gallop?) through the rooms and hallways upstairs.

It will go on for several minutes and cross from one side of the upstairs to the other and back again.  And again.

Later, when I go upstairs, this is what I’ll inevitably find:


I imagine her going in and staring them down.

“Waddaya lookin’ at?”

“Oh yeah?”

“Oh YEAH?”

They rumble and then, POW! before they know it, they’re flat on their backs.

She takes them down daily.

She seems all innocent when we’re in the room together, sitting them back in their chair, like they don’t bug her at all.


But she can’t leave them alone.  They never stay in their chair for very long.

It’s kind of a game that we play.

Today was especially bad.  This is what I found.



Poor Labrador.  This isn’t his fight.  He never even saw her coming.

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The Queen said...

Oh my goodness, Lisa! You are cracking me up!!! I am literally sitting here giggling to myself. Thanks for the laugh!