Friday, October 25, 2013

School Pictures

Bryce_2011 9th

Back in the day…

We dressed up for school photos.

We ordered lots of wallet-sized photos.  We would sign the backs and trade them with our friends.  We kept them in our wallets.  Kind of a manual Facebook if you will.

My mom kept a book with all the 8X10s in chronological order of my brother and I.

Bryce_2002  K

Things have changed.

I was happy if the boys wore clean tshirts that did not have superheroes or monster trucks on them (elementary school) and that still had the sleeves intact (high school).

Bryce_2004 2ndBryce_2005 3rd

Bryce came home from school a few weeks ago and announced disgustedly that he was the ONLY one in his class that had ordered school pictures and how embarrassed he was.  He instructed that I was never again allowed to order school pictures.  His reputation just couldn’t take the hit.

Bryce_2013 11th

I think it’s a cumulative reaction.  I don’t think he’s quite over last year’s experience when the teacher snidely remarked that “Bryce must really like pictures” when he passed out photos.  There was some glitch and the photographer printed waaaaaay more than what I had ordered (or paid for).  And the packets kept coming.  And coming.

Bryce_2012 school  2Bryce_2012 school 3Bryce_2012 school 4Bryce_2012 school  5

Seriously, we could have wrapped all of our Christmas presents last year in Bryce’s photos.

I thought it was funny.

He did not. Oh humiliation.

Besides, I told him to chill.  He’s a junior this year.  It’s the last time he’ll have to endure such degradation.

Bryce_2010 8th

Plus, I have to finish my book of 8X10s.

Except all of those photos—17 years of school pictures-- are all still sitting on my desk.

Bryce_2008 6th

I’m sure I’ll get to it.

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