Sunday, May 11, 2014

Who Is This Dashing Gent?

Last Friday, Bryce took this cute Jenny girl to the prom…


Of course the evening begins with the traditional exchange of floral adornments:


How about the teeth on that kid?

Oh ya, baby.  That smile was 5 years in the making.




These two are photogenic even when they’re goofing around.



Still this momma’s boy!


Meeting up with friends, waiting for the bus.

And by the way, this was no ordinary prom

Several regions in our church have banded together to create a fun and safe alternative to school proms

  • Top flight venues.  This year was at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles
  • Yummy dinners and desserts.
  • Clean music and dancing.
  • Several activities available in addition to dancing.  All the museum exhibits are open to the participants during the night.  In addition, caricature artists, karaoke, photo booths, and other activities are available.  Last year we were at the Long Beach Aquarium and they got to go on harbor cruises.
  • Dress standards that are actually enforced.
  • Well chaperoned.  Of course it goes without saying that drugs and alcohol are not allowed.
  • Parents often host breakfasts after the youth get home.
  • Less expensive than area school proms without sacrificing quality.

We had over 850 youth participate in this fun event last Friday.  It has been an annual event in our area for at least the last 8 years and has only grown in popularity.  In fact, we have increasing numbers of youth who are not members of our church attending this event.  I truly believe that many (dare I hope, most?) young people sincerely desire to have a fun time at a formal dance without the pressures of drugs, alcohol, and sex. 

That’s not just a “Mormon thing”.

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