Tuesday, September 30, 2014

If You Give a Girl a New Duvet…


She will want to paint her bedroom.


Once the bedroom is painted (and she stops complaining about how it’s the wrong color), the carpet clearly must go (blech!).


If you give a girl beautiful, plush new carpet, she will notice how shabby the shutters look.


Clearly those will need to be replaced with beautiful shutters like these.

If you replace the shutters, it will become clear to the girl that the nightstands are so “last century” (probably because they are).  Throw in some lamps while you’re at it.


If you insert new nightstands, the girl will notice that the dressers are all wrong.  They will need to be painted.  She would replace them but nobody actually makes all wood dressers anymore, so paint it is.


If you give a girl freshly painted dressers, she will want a new chair to replace rocking chair she has been holding onto because it held her with her nursing baby (who is presently 17) in the middle of so many nights.


And, if you give a girl a cute chair in the corner, she might sit in it and notice that it’s now time for the duvet to be changed…


And so it goes with home improvement.


{with a nod of gratitude to Laura Numeroff.  I love her books and have spent many hours with mooses (meese?), mice and pigs who have vision!  She has explained this life truth so very articulately.  I want to be her when I grow up.}

If you give a moose a muffin

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