Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Battle of the Sexes

My friend just sent me this picture of Tyler and it reminded me of this fun/chaotic youth activity we had a few weeks ago (thanks Judy for the pic!). Every time we have some competition boys vs. girls, the girls get slaughtered and let me tell you, we're sick of it. So, the YW (young women) were in charge of the combined activity for the month of May and this is what we planned:

1. Mental Challenge: Jeopardy. This was no ordinary Jeopardy game, get a load out of these categories: "Twilight", "Disney Princesses", "Chick Flicks", and "Personal Progress." Girls won (however, it was not quite the landslide we'd imagined...why oh why did I berate my sons into watching Twilight with me?)

2. Physical Challenge: Yoga poses. Surprise! girls won this round too. (they boys did have Jake Gardner, however, who brought the heat. Thank goodness for Shea who is a human pretzel).

3. Relay Race. We pulled out all the stops on this one. Each runner had to wear high heels, hug 3 teammates and then complete a task. The tasks included braiding hair, texting a portion of the YW theme, painting nails, and frosting cupcakes. They then had to hug again and pass the heels on to the next runner. Hence, the reason my offensive lineman is wearing lovely pink wedges in the above picture. If only you could have seen him "run" in them! (I had to put the little quotation marks in because it was more like bow legged skating than running). Game, set, match for the girls. We didn't even have to go to the hula hoop tie breaker.

We had the biggest turnout for this activity and the girls LOVED planning all the ways they could torture the boys!!

Now, you may think we stacked the deck unfairly and fed into female stereotypes, to which I say...
You bet your sweet Jonas Brothers we did, baby! It's worth the payback I'm sure is in store for us in June.


The rlmmmmcaress family said...

McK thinks this is the greatest thing she has ever heard of and wants to copy it here. My only wish ... more pictures.

The Queen said...

We're having a dessert off/swim party according to Mark. Not sure if they're planning anything there, but I imagine they very well could be. Maybe they will provide all the ingredients and give us nothing but salt and vinegar.