Monday, April 12, 2010

A Gap in the Education…

As Justin was preparing for college last year, I worried frequently about whether or not we had prepared him sufficiently for life on his own.  I devised a lesson plan of things we needed to make sure he knew about—like reconciling his checkbook (have you done that yet, Justin?).

Anyway, he’s done really well.  He figured out all of the mission paperwork on his own, including scheduling medical and dental appointments.  He figured out how to register for classes, buy and return books, maximize his meal plan dollars and other useful things.  We have, however, discovered a gap in the practical living curriculum… use of the postal service.


Here’s the conversation:

Me:  Will you pleeeeeease mail me a copy of your mission packet so I can help you prepare (this is after asking for this several times over several weeks).

Justin:  Um. How do I do that?

Me:  What do you mean?  Take it to the library or Kinko’s, copy the pertinent sections and mail it to me.

Justin:  Mail it?

Me:  Yes, mail it.

Justin:  Where do I get an envelope?  Doesn’t it need a stamp or something?  Then where do I take it?

Me:  Seriously?

Thank goodness for Mitchel next door, whose mother obviously taught her son about the virtues of the postal service (of course, in fairness, Mitchel is her 4th out the door).  Mitchel was able to set Justin up with an envelope AND a stamp.  Somehow he located one of those magic boxes where you put things in in Utah and they show up in California a few days later.

Me:  Um. 1 stamp?  How thick was it?

Justin:  I don’t know.  Does it matter?

So, needless to say, I got a notice that the post office was holding the letter hostage for an additional $0.51 owed.

The post office is a beautiful thing.  Sometimes email, facebook, skype, texting, or phonecalls just won’t do the trick.  I see I have more work to do before he leaves for Mexico…

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Christina Bond said...

That's hilarious! The funniest things slip through the cracks.