Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chez Justin is in the House!

Jeff and I are starting to worry. In perhaps only 8 short months our firstborn will be unleashed and he will be out there on his own. Is he ready? Have we taught him enough?
So, we have instituted a crash course in life skills. You know, everything-we-should-have-been-teaching-you-over-the-last-18-years-but-didn't-seem-to-get-around-to-cuz-you-were-always-playing-football skills:
  1. Cooking--more than Easy Mac
  2. Grocery shopping--when finances dictate you must choose, please please choose the apple over the Pop Tarts!
  3. Laundry/Ironing --the laundry washing is pretty good, the laundry folding and ironing is weak
  4. Cleaning--yes, even though you're using soap every day, and even sometimes twice a day, you still do need to clean the shower, etc.
  5. Finances--how to use the ATM to deposit checks and get cash (maybe we shoulda saved that for the end:), paying bills, reconciling checkbooks
  6. Basic Car Care--yes, the "Check Engine" light is important!
  7. Job Hunting--more on that later!
  8. Public Transportation and/or Following Driving Directions

So if you'd like to come to dinner on a Monday night, our door is open. Justin will be cooking! This week he learned how to make spaghetti (with ground beef and sauce in a jar) and a caesar salad. He learned what the numbers on ground beef mean and that you must always brown the beef first before adding the sauce. He also figured out on his own that browned ground beef looks suspiciously like taco meat...."Hey! I bet you can use it for that too!" (I've told you he's bright, right?)

Jeff taught him his patented swirl move on putting the pasta into the boiling water. Originally, garlic bread was planned, but that was too overwhelming so it was just bread without garlic.

Next week I suspect we're having tacos!


Hoskins Family said...

hmmmm...Sounds tempting. Might have to stop by soon!

the organic kitchen said...

I need to start doing that with Patrick! He is so unprepared!

Zurmely family said...

I found the wendy's dollar menu super helpful in college... but don't tell my mom that. Oh, and i started using the iron she bought me about 2 years ago and I don't think I cleaned a bathroom until I actually bought my own home. It always looked and smelled disgusting in those old Provo apartments no matter what I did. Maybe it will sink in with him... good luck!

the organic kitchen said...

Your pictures enlarge too Lisa!

The Queen said...

Now you tell me. I wish I had known this an hour ago!!

P.S. What if they are apple pop-tarts?

Mark and/or Lisa said...

We just found your blog and we collectively echo Judy's sentiments.

Christina Bond said...

I'm so impressed! I hope he realizes how lucky he is to have parents who care.

Kristi said...

I just discovered your blog! I am soo behind. How is Justin's foray into the world of cuisine going almost a month later? If he ever wants to cook for an adoring audience, we are happy to oblige. Oh btw, your bread posting had me in tears I was laughing so hard. I miss you. We don't do enough together anymore. Let's go to dinner soon. Love you, K