Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I Guess the 1st Two Didn’t Count

Jeff has been with Boeing for 15 years as of May 2010.  As a result, he got to select a recognition gift from an online catalog.

He went through it several times and didn’t see anything he was dying for.  He asked me to take a look.  I guess I’m not that picky because I found several things.  However, Tyler’s birthday was coming up and he asked for a watch.  There was a nice Guess watch in the catalog (similar to this one)

and I suggested to Jeff we give it to Tyler.

In the process of ordering the watch, there was an option for engraving.  There was no additional cost, so, why not?  Jeff ordered engraving for it.

We were very surprised when the watch arrived with the following inscription:




Woops!  We had no idea that they’d automatically put “15 years” on it!  So now, Tyler has a very nice watch inscribed “15 years” that he received on his 17th birthday… he’ll have this nice remembrance of how cheap his re-gifting parents are!


Dan said...

This is awesome. I love it. Good that you can laugh at yourselves.

Spiker said...

LOVE IT. What a great story... Tyler 15 years from now "Kids you think you have it bad, when I was 17 my parents..."

Mrs "S" said...

I stumbled across your blog. It made me smile:) You have a beautiful family. This post was too funny. LOL

katherine said...

Hi I was just cruising through all the different blogs when I found yours :o) I think its funny how many of them are LDS :o) I guess it has something to do with writting a journal thats why I have my blog. I enjoyed your post too now I'll have to add it to mine