Friday, January 21, 2011

Exceptionally Agreeable

I have noticed that as I have aged, I have become increasingly specific about how I think things should be.  As I have been wont to tell my mother,

“It is such a BURDEN

to have an OPINION


I do realize (and have had it pointed out to me) that this makes it difficult to help me do things like grocery shop, cook and other tasks that can be typically delegated.

Jeff and I were looking forward to a few “staycation” days as his work had shut down for the holidays and the boys were going to be off on a youth retreat.  We resolved to act like we were away by ignoring the phone and computer and any jobs we needed to do at home.

I made my own personal resolution to be EXCEPTIONALLY AGREEABLE.  That is, I was going to be pleasant and malleable on all matters inconsequential.  Mellow as the month of May (is May really mellow?).

It worked like a charm.  I felt peaceful and happy and I know Jeff noticed the positive effects (especially when I pointed out how exceptionally agreeable I was being!)

This is great!  Why don’t I live this way ALWAYS?  What a RELIEF not to care about whether he salts the water BEFORE it boils or AFTER it boils!  How PLEASANT it is not to care that he took the LONG way to get home from the grocery store where you have to make TWICE as many left turns or that he bought GALA apples instead of PINK LADIES!  And, I think he LIKES me better (he always loves me, but I think I can be, well, a little, um, exasperating at times…)

It was a great experiment.  I knew my time of being EXCEPTIONALLY AGREEABLE had come to an end when this came out of my mouth:

“So…did they not have any GREENER bananas at the grocery store?

Well, it was good while it lasted!  *SIGH*


Zurmely family said...

we all have to have one flaw, right? =)

Katherine said...

I loved your experiment! I've tried something similar in my home with different results, maybe having a daughter who is alomost 18 wasn't helpful she worked out that things were "not right"and gave me a "look"that only an almost 18 year old could do and then asked me"mum are you pregnant again?" "NO!"I replied then she asks well what the heck is going on why are you being so nice ? hmm I thought to myself I'm always nice just maybe to picky on certain things... ;o)