Monday, February 14, 2011

More Martha Stewart than Bill Nye the Science Guy

Log #3497 of Embarrassing Moments

Scene:  Youth Valentines Dance Saturday Night

The dance had just started, youth gathering but not yet dancing.  I was going around checking the tables—straightening tablecloths, generally fidgeting with stuff. 

Near the front of the room we have a round table with two large "igloo" coolers with ice water.  I thought it was weird how one cooler was facing out the door and the other was on the opposite side facing the stage.  Clearly, they would look better facing into the room, so I changed them.  Satisfied with the improved aesthetic, I turned to walk away.

Behind me, I heard this terrible sound:  CRASH!  WOOSH! 


About a million gallons of ice water went sliding into the dance floor as the table totally tipped over and the tablecloth, decorations and balloons went flying every which way. AAARGH!  In that instant of clarity I understood why they had been on the table the way they were.  Hmmm.  Fortunately, a bunch of very helpful teenagers came to my aid.  Armed with mops and paper towels, I had more helpers than I knew what to do with (except Tyler.  I think he was hiding in the bathroom so he didn't have to admit he knew me).

The night got better from there.  


These are some of my favoritest women serving in Stake YW with me!  These were toward the end of the night so I think I look a little haggard, but I love them so much I had to include!  (Thanks Cassie & Dave for the photobooth!)


Katherine said...

what a memorable valentines day :O) The water cooler had me laughing I've done something similar in my past too hehehe. The photos are nice is good to see that the girls look nice and modest just like at our dances :o)

The Queen said...

OH MY GOSH!!! Are you KIDDING ME???? I would have DIED!!!!!!

Dave & Cassie Neeley said...

I actually know exactly where Tyler was... sitting right next to me at the photobooth. I said "Tyler, I think your mom did that... go help her!" The response from Tyler was...expected?... a laugh and a shake of the head "No". It was very funny Lisa, driving home I was asking Dave if he thought that'd be one of your most embarrassing moments. Maybe so. :)

Synthesiologist said...

sweet party ;)

tea time my time tee