Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day of Gluttony


Manly Men Masticate Meat

For the uninitiated, Tucano’s is a Brazilian steakhouse, which means that for one all inclusive price you get to gorge yourself on grilled flesh brought skewered to your table until you puke.  Oh, there is a salad bar, but only girls go there.

We girls decided if we were just going to eat overpriced salad, we’d stay home, thank you very much.  Also, we do not like to puke.  It’s overrated for anyone who has ever been pregnant.

So, this was an all-testosterone adventure on New Year’s Eve—Jeff, b.i.l. Dave, and an assortment of sons and nephews (they had to nearly kidnap 2 nephews, their parents did not think gluttony was wholly necessary):


(Oops, I see contraband on one of those plates.  It appears Coleman broke the Man-code and went to the salad bar!)


Pineapple…the lone exception to the grilled flesh only rule.



No thanks Dave, you have it!  Did you bring your pant expanders with you?

0810-daves pants 1

(As an aside, a few years ago we went on an Alaskan cruise and mid way through the week, Dave had to resort to pant expanders to shore up his girth due to the extreme amount of food he’d eaten…Funnier still cuz he’s the skinniest of us all—kinda like how a snake looks when it’s just ingested a large rodent. jk, love ya dave!)







Look at those bellies!

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