Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Orange Love

{I have just peeled an orange and begin to eat it.}

Bryce:  I can’t eat oranges anymore.  The last orange I had was dry and it has ruined it for me.

Me:  I know.  A dry orange is hard to get over.  I have a hard time buying them again after I get a dry batch.  But, {holding a section out to him} this one is juicy, see?  Do you want a bite?

Bryce:  {considers for a moment…}  No.  I’m not ready to love again.*

*This message has been approved for blogging by Bryce.**

**The FACT that this item has been approved by Bryce has been approved for publication by Bryce.***



The Queen said...

Oooh, you've got a spammer!

I love that Bryce. What a kid.

shoulda coulda woulda by Joe said...

Haha - I like blogs with every day things going on - it helps justify mine.
I think your header pic is great!!
I had an excellent orange last week.
Take care.


InStyleMakeup said...

LOL! im lovin you blog