Monday, March 4, 2013

Gastronomical Machismo

Elder Tyler’s email today told of his adventurous eating this week including guinea pig, turtle, and monkey.  Yes, that soup has a monkey hand in it.


That inspired this email chain:

OH MY.  That is a Monkey hand.  Makes blood sausage look like the Jr. circuit. ~DAD*

Try kran. Makes both look like jr. circuits.  ~Justin

Yada-yada-yada. ~DAD

Yada yada this. ~Justin


Back at ya Elder.  Blood Sausage ain’t as dainty as you think… ~DAD


"Mine's bigger."  "No, mine's bigger."  Men.  Whatever. ~Mom

I’ll concede.  As a victory award, I’ve ordered a couple of these for Justin and Tyler.  They can use it to wash down the Kran and the Monkey paws. I’m done. Savages. ~DAD




Jeff served in Germany and did, in fact, get served blood sausages on his mission.

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