Monday, March 3, 2014

You Didn’t Think That Was It, Did You?

We are just getting started!


Wait, this is kind of a funny close up:


Which seems to be a common face for me, complete with “jazz hands”:


But I digress.

Our new daughter comes from a large family…



Justin just gained 8 new brothers and sisters plus spouses, and even better--nieces and nephews!  How lucky they were to have all of the siblings able to attend.


We were really grateful for so many of our family making the trip for the wedding.



I think it’s obvious where Justin gets his good looks.


Our immediate family pictures hit a little snag.  Do you see the problem?


I promise you that Jeff was VERY happy about the day’s events.  JOYOUS even.  There is absolutely NOTHING in this world that makes Jeff HAPPIER than his kids.  Unfortunately, that feeling did not translate into these photos... 

One of my FAVORITE things about Jeff is his humor.  When he is enjoying himself or laughing at something (his brother especially brings out his best laughs--his brother is VERY funny) he gets this exaggerated belly laugh that just makes me happy to the very core of my being. 


These two have no trouble being photogenic!

Next stop:  lunch!

**Photos by Heather Gibbons Photography**

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