Saturday, March 8, 2014

My Sam’s Club Squeeze

Last weekend the Hubs and I went to Sam’s Club.  As we shopped, we wandered a bit.  We both ended up in the clothing section (ok, so a good portion of our wardrobe may or may not come from the Sam’s club stacks, don’t judge!) 

Me:  Jeff, where’s the cart?

No response.  It’s loud, his hearing isn’t the best, he’s in the zone, I get it.

Me (louder, closer):  Jeff, where’s the cart?

Still no response.

So I sidle up behind him and give him a little touch and a tickle on his back & side (NOT to be confused with his “backside”!!). 

Me (in his ear, still tickling him):  Hon, where’s the cart?

At that moment, I look up and see my Hon looking at me from across the stacks, about 6 feet away.


It is then that I realize that I have just invaded the personal space of someone that was most definitely NOT my Hon.


I madly start apologizing and explaining that “Oh!  That’s (pointing) my Hon over there!” and apologizing again.  Add a healthy dose of embarrassed laughter.  He recovered and told me his “Hon was back there” (pointing behind us)…

Then I worried that I might really be in trouble with his Hon.  So we hightailed it out of there.

My face might have recovered its natural color a mere few hours later…

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