Thursday, March 19, 2015

Scenes from Jury Duty, Part 1

Jeff is our guest blogger for the day.

First in a series.......

I am coming to you live from the courthouse,  filling my jury duty summons.

So Attila the Hun makes the opening speech in the jury selection room, to a packed house (~300 jurors in space comfortable for 250). Her speech can be described as " I hate my job" blended with a cross between "quit your crying and suck it up" and "go tell someone who cares". Then half the room gets up to leave (reschedule and start over). At least we have more room now.

They are saying three days of service if selected. Criminal case. Could be in our hometown, they draw all jurors from here and they are pulling for that courtroom today, but you cannot specify. That would be too much customer friendly orientation for Atilla.

No wonder jury duty gets a bum wrIMG_0012ap. Overwhelmingly thankless for all concerned--jurors and employees.

But they pay mileage one way to get here. But not home. Who thought that was a good idea?

These are my peers? I need more hair (obviously!!!) and a few tattoos and a wallet chain.

All I know so far.

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