Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Scenes from Jury Duty, Part 3

by Jeff, guest blogger 

Suddenly Attila calls the jury room to order. A panel is being summoned! 96 lucky jurors are going to courtroom J. She reads the names. Individuals respond as their names are called. But not me.

...five minutes later courtroom C needs jurors. 120 there. But, alas, my name is not called.

Now there are about 60 of us left in the jury room. 10 minutes later Attila calls the room to order. Another panel? She starts reading names. No lie, I am the very last name read. I was starting to think they had missed me. Our instructions you ask? Go to lunch. Be back at 2 p.m.


What a great country. God bless America. Maybe I'll go see if the Sheriff has arrested that yelling lady upstairs.

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