Monday, May 11, 2009

I Do Love Mother's Day

My family always takes really good care of me on Mother's Day--LOTS of fun food that I don't shop for, prepare, or clean up, which always makes it especially delicious! This year's menu included waffles with strawberries and whipped cream, a cheese and cracker platter with smoked gouda, salmon and roasted garlic, prosciutto wrapped melon, and rib eye steak. Thanks honey!

Jeff reminded me that he doesn't owe me a gift since I'm not HIS mother, but he did find some beautiful earrings in Spain. The boys were especially thoughtful this year--Justin got me a webcam so we can see each other to chat while he's away at school. Tyler picked a couple of movies on my wish list (Enchanted and August Rush) and better yet, the boys even watched Enchanted with me! Bryce gave me coupons (5 back rubs and one "I'll watch Mama Mia with you" coupon), although he also gave me a backrub I didn't have to use a coupon for since it was Mother's Day.

Bryce also gave me an award:

With this explanation (no edits--forgive me, I had to share, he does make me sound QUITE wonderful, although I suspect a school assignment was involved):

A reason why my mom, Lisa Peacock to be mother of the year, she is funny. Imagine you and your friend going to the bowling alley when out of nowhere your mom starts singing along with the radio and you think(ooohh noooo) as you slump way down in your chair and every word makes you chuckle and it sounds like she wants you to sing along! My mom Lisa Peacock should also be mother of the year for reasons like she is hardworking, a good planner and thinker, and of course a good cook.

My mom is hardworking I mean come on, she is on the gridiron (high school football staff), the president of the young women, goes walking, does great works of art for me and my class and still has time to make me lunch! Look at all that! And she still has time to take me places, all because she is time efficient. That shows you she cares enough to make time, and to be a good worker you must be a good planner.

Lisa Peacock is a good if not great thinker and planner like for example one time when I was packing for a trip I forgot a jacket but good’ol mom knew I’d forget so she had one ready for me. And again when my family and I were on that very same trip I had gotten the house cord instead of the car power for my DVD player but again she had my back with the power converter. I remember one more time when we had arrived to our hotel on a different trip and my Ipod was out of battery so I needed to charge it but then I realized, I DIDN,T HAVE MY CHARGER! But then once again the hero was here to save the day!

My mother is without a doubt an AWESOME cook with her ceasar salads that she knows I love so very much. Then there’s her meatloaf she says she over cooks but never ever does ever! (always five star) then there’s my personal favorite, her coke chicken that I always beg for.

When she yells it may be scary, but that’s just because you were complaining to her about something she couldn’t control to the point where it just goes KABOOM! But everybody has that point, but that my friend is your fault. Plus it barely e-v-e-r gets to that and she’ll usually helps you get over whatever it was before the booooom!

So next time you wonder who is the best mom just remember of course, she is Bryce’s mom, Lisa Peacock, because 1.she is a hard worker 2.she is a good if not great thinker and planner & 3.she is of course a great cook!!!

Thanks guys for making me feel so special!

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The Queen said...

Aww, they are so sweet! And I have to agree, knowing each of your boys I think you are a wonderful mother!

(P.S. next year I'm coming to your house for dinner! Yum!)