Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Knee, a hip and some gums….

Have they finally lost it you ask? (Well actually, we never had it to begin with, but that’s a story for another day.) But this story is about body parts. Women’s body parts to boot! In this world of strange coincidence, isn’t it odd that Grandmas Joyce and Nancy as well as Lisa (not a grandma) would all have surgery within 48 hours of each other this week. Joyce, the hip, in Salt Lake City is doing marvelously and is back home getting ready to dance any day now. Nancy, the knee, is also home feeling stronger every day and will be leaping on the horse from here on out. Lisa, the gums, is also bouncing back quickly and should be back to her usual zesty, colorful vocabulary by the weekend. And as for we strong, silent, supportive, subservient men, I am also please to be able to report that Bruce, George and Jeff all are able to sit up and take nourishment after the stressful events of these past days. Whew.

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The Queen said...

good thing lisa's got you there to take care of things, jeff. even if you never had it.