Thursday, May 7, 2009

More Notes: Selling the Summer Cottage in Babylon

The title was curious enough to check out, but I really wanted to hear from Mary Ellen Edmunds, a well known LDS author. She was the presenter along with Kathy Zeyer, who I thought actually provided most of the meat for the class.

The title refers to a phrase used by Elder Neal A. Maxwell, and my interpretation is that we often think we're doing pretty good, but sometimes we justify "vacations in the world" (Babylon), thinking just a little bit won't hurt us. Sister Zeyer spoke of the danger of being "poisoned by degrees" by the world, symbolized by the story of Amalickiah in the Book of Mormon.

Her counsel:

1--FORTIFY through prayer, scripture study, family home evenings, generally living the Gospel.

2--FILTER the world by discarding practices or influences that drive away the Spirit.

3--FOCUS on good, better and best. For example, do you know every word in the "Spongebob" theme song yet don't know the sacrament prayer? (Guilty as charged...) Sister Edmunds added that often we fill our lives with so many good things that we don't have enough time for the really essential things.

Sister Edmunds also counseled us to take time to be holy. Zion is all about striving to be better when we're already pretty good.

At the closing session on Thursday, President Monson was quoted: "Your future is as bright as your faith."

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The Queen said...

I love this. Such a great reminder. Thanks for sharing.