Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Classic Peacock Moments

While I’m on the subject of Halloween, and to prove I wasn’t always a total zero in that department, I came across these classic moments from Peacock history circa October, 1999:

     alien Justindancing alien

First, we have Justin the alien.  Yes, in answer to your obvious question, I did make this masterpiece.  We never could get the antennae to stand up straight and the glasses hurt his head.  It’s hard to tell in these pictures but his face was also painted green.  He was quite embarrassed in this costume, although he felt bad saying so since I had put so much effort into it.  Good sport! 

ninjaninja Tyler

Next, we have Tyler the Ninja.  Fortunately, he was in karate at the time, so voila!  Costume done.  I did handpaint the headband though.  I know, you’re impressed.

alien frank and ninja

I had to put this one in, if only for Tyler’s “ninja face” which is pretty classic here.  Also to demonstrate my use of yard decorations in earlier years for Bryce.  Note also the door decoration in the pictures above.  Hmm, I still have that, maybe I’ll pull it out before Bryce gets back from school.  It’s probably not ghoulish enough for him, though.

Bryce and Blue Blues-Clues-tv-01Steve Bryce

Here’s Bryce.  He was “Steve” from Blue’s Clues.  I loved this costume!  I bought it myself.

   fruit of the Jeff

But really, here is the best one.  I take absolutely no credit at all for this one, he came up with it all himself.

Where am I you ask?  My perennial costume is my cap and gown from ASU.  It’s really fresh since I never did get to wear it in ceremonies in Tempe.  We had travelled back to AZ (after living in CA for a year finishing my residency), dragging along both sets of parents and then missed the ceremony because I thought it started an hour later than it did.  Classic Lisa.


the organic kitchen said...

I used to love Halloween...now everyone is grown up.

Christina Bond said...

Seeing old pictures just makes me smile. Thanks for sharing. And you're right, I am totally impressed with your skills. I'm a little baffled though why you would need help my sewing banners when you are clearly the better seamstress. Regardless, I'm looking forward to hanging out while we sew.