Friday, December 18, 2009

Justin's BYU adventures Part 9: Fall Semester in Review

So I have successfully completed my first semester here at BYU, and I had a blast. I have learned many things in just a few months, both in the classroom and outside the classroom. Here's a list of a few things I've learned, some took me longer to figure out than others. 1. While you may be able to get by without reading assigned readings in High School, you definitely need to read the textbook in college. 2. Nobody cares if you don't go to class, they won't call home and you won't get in trouble, but you won't have much luck with your grades if you decide not to go. 3. There are inactive members, even at a church school. 4.It's not a good idea to ask a girl on a date through a text message. 5. Once it snows, it is pretty dangerous to walk to your classes (just ask the 4 or 5 people I have seen slip and fall right on their back/face in the ice) 6. Religion classes are not like seminary, THEY ARE REAL CLASSES 7. I'm not very good at eating healthy when there is unlimited dessert every night at the cannon center. 8. I enjoy eating BYU creamery ice cream. 9. In college, you don't go to bed before 12:30, you just don't 10. If you are late leaving the library, security takes down your information before they let you out, just to make sure you don't do it again. 11. Some people don't understand the concept of being quiet in the library. 12. BYU might be the only place that won't allow you to take a test if you haven't shaved in the last day or two 13. Vending machines are awesome. 14. Apparently, everyone doesn't love the Lakers 15. If you leave your door open, people WILL come in, even if you don't like them or know them. 16. church doesn't have to be in a church building, a classroom will do just fine. 17. Even World History class can start with a prayer. 18. It seems like everyone is nice at school, but it's a different story when i play intramurals. 19. In flag football, you are not allowed to touch ANYONE, EVER. 20. I don't like flag football. 21. Five Guys might just be better than In N Out. 22. Apparenlty, it is cool to wear running shoes with jeans, which I still don't understand. 23. 30 degrees isn't that cold, I realized this after a week of 0-10 degree weather. 24. Guys are kinda gross sometimes, just ask our Hall's janitor 25. Whoever invented the dollar theater is a genius!! 26. Cafe Rio...enough said. 27. Football games are sick 28. BYU is soo much fun!!! And here are some pictures from the past semester.


Mark and/or Lisa said...

Nicely chronicled JP.

Spiker said...

I want to go to college! You are all having way too much fun!