Tuesday, December 15, 2009

They Should Call it BlackOUT Friday

Bryce 070

This is the Friday after Thanksgiving, commonly known as Black Friday.  Justin spent the night on the pavement outside of Best Buy to save like $20.  I suspect the allure of a certain young lady might have upped the value of this sacrifice.  He returned and promptly face planted in the carpet.  We didn’t hear from him for several hours.

Myself, I’m not so much on giving up sleep for shopping, but just before I went to bed on Thanksgiving I did notice that there was a certain something that I had been shopping for for a certain someone that was ridiculously priced.  Available online?  I can do that.  Novice that I am, I got up at 4:45 to get in the queue to purchase this deal but as soon as the clock struck 5:00…SOLD OUT!  Darn.  I woke Tyler up and off to WalMart we headed.  Hmm.  People take this stuff seriously.  There were motor homes—I’m thinking they bbq’d their turkey dinners in the parking lot the day before!  Every cart had a flat screen tv and not a parking spot within a 3-mile radius.  Note, it is exactly 5:11 am.   I kicked my 16-year old to the curb to brave the crowds to see if we had any hope of scoring the goods.  Being a football player, I figured he could handle the pushing and shoving.   Were we successful?  Unfortunately, no.  Just a blank spot where it should have been.  I should have slept in.

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Zurmely family said...

Tsk, Tsk. Amateur. better luck next year. :)