Thursday, December 3, 2009

Giving Thanks

It’s official.

I’m a grown up. 

I hosted my first Thanksgiving. (I know, you were thinking that having a kid in college would have cemented my status as a grown up...)  Now, in fairness, football usually keeps us close to home on Thanksgiving so Jeff and I have cooked for the Peacock 5 on several occasions, but this is the first time the family came to us.  We’re so glad they did!

We have much to be grateful for.  First and foremost, we got to spend the day with some of our very favorite people.

Bryce 047

Appetizers… veggies and dip, bread & spinach dip, crackers and cheese.  Basically if it could be dipped or spread, it was there.  Totally a weakness of mine.  Spinach dip was Justin’s only Thanksgiving request.  (oh wait, there was one more, see below)

Bryce 049

Bryce and Joshua playing meaningful holiday games like Nazi Zombie.




Bryce 046

Here was Justin’s other request—free flowing football.  Viewed, as usual, through his eyelids.



Move over, Martha, look at that table!

Bryce 056It was our goal not to have a kids table, because, well, we’re almost out of kids, so it would have had to be the old person’s table and no one wants that!

Special thanks goes to my mom.  I think pretty much everything on that table with the exception of the tablecloth, centerpieces, and paper napkins was gifted to me by my mom (& dad) over the years.  That’s a woman who knows how to entertain elegantly!

Bryce 058Bryce 059Bryce 062Bryce 065

Justin demonstrates the correct Thanksgiving proportions of protein (1/4), carbs (1/2), and produce (1/4).

  Bryce 068

One last sip of sparkling cider and then back to those zombies!

Thanks, family, for making the trip out and eating all of our favorite foods.  The nice thing about hosting is that you get to pick all the things you like best!


The Queen said...

The best part of that post was the last picture where Bryce's shirt appears to read, "hurl", which of course is what we all feel like doing after stuffing ourselves silly on Thanksgiving dinner.

Your spread looks great, makes me want to do it all over again!

At my mom's house, of course, so I don't have to clean my house!

the organic kitchen said...

Good job! My mom cooks every year and had since I got married!