Friday, February 26, 2010


God’s Country was the serious post.  Now, for the nonsense one. It does have the benefit of having A LOT of cute kids pictured.

We stopped at one overlook during our drive through Zion, and Dave decided to pose the kids a la the music group Madness circa mid 1980.  They were a little confused by his instructions…

madness 3madness what 2madness what  

Brad got in the act to demonstrate:

madness 2

It took a while, but this is what they came up with:


madness 4

NOW, here’s what he was going for (Oh, I see!):

madness original

I’m not sure they captured the vision.  You be the judge.

Maybe we should have tried this pose:

madness more 2

But definitely not this one:

madness more 3


Megan Walker said...

Lisa Peacock I had no idea you had a blog! And it's just ADORABLE! First off, thank you for your very nice comment on my blog - much appreciated :) Now I've just got to say... I have so enjoyed reading your past posts - you're a *great* writer - and it's been fun to hear what your family has been up to! Can't wait to hear where The Boy is going on his Mish! And the photo you have for your main banner is absolutely PRICELESS! Keep up the good work my friend!


*kylie* said...

Lisa....I love it! Kylie just pointed out the Madness post to me. Dave will be so impressed when I show him! He still loves that group after all these years...I guess we're both a little bit stuck in the 80's when it comes to music. We laugh when a remake comes out and our kids wonder how we know all the words! Anyway....awesome photos and post! We had a blast in St. George! Keep us posted on the mission call! We're so excited for him!
PS Will you email me that picture of Bryce and Zack? It is adorable!
Have a great weekend!

*kylie* said...

Lisa- Dave here. You need to figure out how to incorporate your writing into an income. Then Jeff could retire and stay home with 'da boys while you write. . . at home. . . in your jammies. Jeff could bring you all kinds of yummy, calorie-laden treats and meals (he is a really good cook!) while you casually, comfortably write. I bet he'd even peel your grapes for you!

I love the Madness post. You found the right pose. We have photos from both poses pictured in your blog back in my teen and mission years. I'll have to dig those up and send them to you. The next time we pose the cousins for this photo, it will be a lot better! . . . you say there will BE no "next time" in this or any remotely similar pose?? Oh, just wait. The fun is just beginning!!

As for your olympics comment about the snowboarders "'PULL UP YOUR PANTS!' Sheesh, . . ." I couldn't help but think of the song that, thanks to Zack, recently creeped into my mind and WON'T LEAVE- "Pants on the ground." On that note, I'll leave you with one final comment- "Yo lookin' like a FOOL wit'cho pants own da groun! Het turn si’-ways, gol’ in yo mouth. Walkin’ ‘roun town wit’cho pants own da groun!"


Lisa P said...

You know Dave, it is handy to have a Southern speaker in our midst to translate (and spell) the lyrics from that song! I have no doubt the cousins will be posing again, and now they can have a vision of the desired result, well... I think the result will be amazing! AND, if I had to write for a job I probably would not enjoy it as much. Keeping it a guilty pleasure makes it way more fun!

the organic kitchen said...

It was a valiant attempt! Too bad he didn't pull up the image on an iphone and show it to them.