Monday, February 22, 2010

More Olympic Musings

We LOVE the Olympics.


It totally takes over our house when they come around and is the one program on tv everyone can agree on.  Sports we would NEVER watch on tv are suddenly all-consuming.  I even get a 2-week pass to watch figure skating whenever it’s on although I do have the endure the constant, “This is NOT a sport, blah blah blah”.  BUT they still watch.

Last week we were in St. George when the Olympics started.  I loved how all the cousins crammed into this small room to watch the events.  There were bodies everywhere!  The crowd went absolutely wild when the two Korean speed skaters knocked each other out of the race on the last lap, leaving the Americans (Ohno and Celski) to win silver and bronze.


This is the video game generation, so they came up with a few ways to make the events even more exciting:

  • Elbows are always allowed.  In fact, the more contact the better. (Can you guess, this suggestion came from the football players in the crowd?)
  • Spears randomly chucked at the athletes.  Even better if dipped in poison.  Of course, the biathlon athletes will have a real advantage since they carry guns.
  • Rolling barrels down the halfpipe.  Actually, I think the snowboarders are probably the best equipped to deal with these kinds of obstacles.  I strongly suspect they also play a lot of video games.  And, while we’re on the subject, “PULL UP YOUR PANTS!”  Sheesh, even olympic snow pants for snowboarders have to show hiney while mctwisting and double corking…

However, Shaun White is truly amazing.  I do not understand how those tricks are even physically possible, especially with baggy pants (I’m old, I know). 


And, “dude” is now apparently the universal greeting among men of all sports and professions.  Ok, maybe not figure skating:)

Bryce was home sick a day last week and we watched a whole day of curling, which is apparently how long it takes to play one, um, round or game or match or whatever.  We still can’t figure out how it was scored.  I did decide, however, that that was the olympic sport I could potentially medal in.  I do know how to sweep, there isn’t any additional balance obstacles like skates or skis or boards, AND I could totally rock those uniforms. 

5-curling OK, maybe not these:


But, this is in stark contrast to any of the skiing or skating events, which all have very unflattering and tight uniforms.  Oh sure, they look good on Lindsey Vonn, but not many others.  Even Bode shows a little paunch.  I could probably do ok in the snowboarding uniforms, but I think we can agree those stunts are out of the question for me at this point.

So, look for me on the medal stand in curling in 2014!  Sponsorships now available!


The Queen said...

haha, lisa i love you!

*kylie* said...

hah that was so fun! Our family must be lame or something... we haven't watched the olympics once! Not even one time. Only in st. george. We'll have to do that again sometime! :) even if we do have to all cram into a tiny house!

The rlmmmmcaress family said...

I was thinking the same thing about curling. That could become my sport. I have been practicing for years.

Lisa P said...

Kylie, you know you can always come live with us. We could definitely use a girl to balance out the household and you'd really be a good one to have. That your parents are denying you an Olympic experience is really cruel and unusual punishment and you can tell them I told you that! Love, Aunt Lisa

*kylie* said...

(This is Michelle...maybe I should break down and get my own account...ya think??) I don't know WHERE Kylie has been....we have watched the Olympics just about every night possible....probably more than ever before!! I think she is in her own little world of friends and boys and doesn't know what the family is doing while she is away! OR in her room with her ipod music oblivious to the household! Wow! :-) We really love our Kylie!

*kylie* said...

yes, mom. I think you most definately need your own account since you keep asking me for my password!! and--we have NOT watched the olympics every night possible! Oh well, we can discuss this later. I think it's because you make us all go to bed because you guys say you are really tired, and secretely, you watch the olympics without us! That sounds right :) But thanks for backing me up, Lisa! You rock :)