Monday, April 25, 2011

Prom Dresses

A brief break from Cancun…

Our stake, along with several others in Southern California, participates in an LDS (Latter-day Saint) Prom as an alternative to high school proms.  The difference is—the youth must actually adhere to the standards for dress and conduct. It is also less expensive, but of course, much of the prom expense comes down to attire.

There were several girls who desired to go to the prom, but who did not have a dress and could not afford to get one.  I told the YW leader, “No problem, I’m sure I can borrow dresses for them to wear.”

That was an understatement.

On Thursday, 8 days prior to the prom, I put a message on our ward’s Relief Society bulletin board and sent out messages to the YW Presidents in the stake.  By Friday afternoon, I had gotten offers for over 60 dresses!  By Saturday, I was turning dresses away!


I was BLOWN AWAY by the generosity of people, many of whom I had never met.  I drove from one end of our valley to the other on Saturday morning picking them all up.  I had rented a coat rack to store them. My boys rigged up the cars so the dresses could hang as I transported them.  I systematically tagged them all so that I could return them to their owners after the fact. 


I had a fabulous time with the YW on Tuesday night as they tried every single one of them on.  It was a swirl of taffeta and silk in every style and color.


My head is now awhirl… If I can collect this many dresses in 2 days, just think what could happen if I actually PLANNED something…!

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