Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Peacock Boys Take Hardware Part 1

This picture was taken a few weeks ago at Tyler's football banquet for the JV team. These players, including Tyler, received individual awards at the banquet. Each trophy was a little different, and presumably, selected because it best represents the category the player was recognized for. Here is a close up of Tyler's trophy:

Based on the trophy, would you think Tyler was recognized for:

a) Visiting skid row where he handed out footballs and helmets to the needy,

b) Knocking over opposing football players who have, incidentally, recently been on chemotherapy,

c) Preaching fitness to the malnourished and downtrodden (while wearing his football uniform, because well, it is just part of who he is!), OR

d) Fill in the blank: ______________________________________

The real answer will be revealed in our next post but place your votes now! I'm curious to hear what creative caption you can imagine for this (somewhat frightening to small children) trophy that now adorns our home.

In all seriousness, Tyler and his parents are very grateful for the recognition he received and Tyler's parents are very proud of him for his performance on and off the field...we just can't ever take anything TOO seriously :)


The Queen said...

Hmm, I have a couple of ideas:

Knocking the most opposing players into quicksand;
Decleating and dehelmeting (I just made that term up) the most opposing players;

Christina Bond said...

I like B the best! That's hilarious, I'm still laughing.