Sunday, December 21, 2008

Peacock Boys Take Hardware Part 3

Indulge me one last time, this is for the grandparents! Last Sunday was Justin's football banquet. We were there for 5 1/2 hours! I have to say you almost don't want it to end when your son is a senior. I know he felt it. We were among the first to arrive and the last to leave! Our team does not put names on the jerseys. Partly economical (the jerseys are reused from year to year), but primarily because the coach feels like the emphasis should be on the team and not individuals. It is traditional that the seniors get their home jerseys with their name imprinted as a parting gift. Justin had a big night. He received recognition for:
  • Cummulative GPA greater than 3.5 (in fact, he had the highest gpa among those who had played all 4 years!)
  • A $500 scholarship awarded to the two 4-year players with the highest cummulative GPA (the other one went to his best friend, Mario Lara, on the right in the picture above)
  • All-League 1st Team Offense
  • Centurion Award: this was the last award of the night. The coach remarked that it was because Justin was the example of what he wanted from all of his players--he got it done in the classroom and on the field, he is a leader and a warrior.

We will miss watching Justin on the football field but look forward to more Friday Night Lights with Tyler and maybe someday Bryce. We couldn't be more proud to be Justin's parents. (Course, we all know where he gets his athletic abilities...yeah, ok, well maybe it skips a generation!)


Spiker said...

Good for Justin! He is a good boy!

*kylie* said...

good job, justin! ;)