Sunday, December 7, 2008

So Long Football

Justin did his own blog entry after last week's game, so I was saving this one for him, but he said I should go ahead. Tough game. St. Bonaventure lived up to the hype--they are really good and deserved to win. On the bright side, Saugus played a great game and it was actually closer than the score indicates. (Saugus 8, St. Bonaventure 35) It's been a great run. Wish we could have gotten to the finals, but no regrets. They both had a fabulous season. Life goes on. Justin will now retire his helmet and shoulder pads and Tyler will get his shot.

Side note: we spent the first half of the game on the sidelines. Jeff struck up a conversation with the photographer from the LA Daily News. Jeff pointed out #55 (Justin) and suggested that he "shoot some good ones"! Well, check out the result (toward the later half of the selections) at the following link:

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Hoskins Family said...

We sure have had a fantastic time the past few years being Saugus Fans. We have had lots of fun following Justin and his team. He's such a great player, it's sad to see him hanging up that helmet. Congratulations on a successful season..Foothill League Champs!