Sunday, December 21, 2008

Peacock Boys Take Hardware Part 2

Bryce's soccer team, Red Thunder, made it to playoffs. They lost their first game, which meant they played on 12/13 for third place. Unfortunately, Bryce fell at school 2 days before the game and broke his wrist so he was out of commission (1st piece of hardware)... However, we went to the game to cheer them on and what a game it was! They were tied 3-all at the end of the game so they played two more 5-minute periods. No one scored so they went to a shoot out. Our goalie played it perfectly and stopped two of their goals and our kickers all scored so we took 3rd place (2nd piece of hardware) and the wildcard spot in the area games in January. Hopefully Bryce will heal soon enough to play at least some of the games then!Bryce has also been working very hard at scouts. It doesn't hurt that his dad is scout leader extraordinairre. The goal is to get 11 year old scouts to earn their Tenderfoot, 2nd Class and 1st Class rank advancements by the time they turn 12 and they earn a special award. Bryce was able to earn all three rank advancements with six months to spare!! As a result, he was very happy to receive this multi-tool (3rd piece of hardware!) at his first Court of Honor last week.
Way to go!
P.S. Tyler's trophy (Dec. 16 post) was in recognition of the "Coach's Award" which is for a player that is coachable, reliable, helps other players (hence the hand out), and works hard!

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