Thursday, January 29, 2009

Not Quite Ready for the County Fair

So, you may remember that back in November, Grandpa Bruce visited and made bread with Bryce: It was delicious and Bryce was sold. He was anxious to relive this little slice of homemade heaven. AND, we HAD to use Grandpa's EXACT recipe, which included lecithin which, by the way, you have to get at a specialty store. So after two months of near constant nagging (yes, nagging. Bryce is a world class nagger), I finally had all the ingredients assembled. The kitchen was clean. Bryce had a day off from school so it was just the two of us. All the stars were in alignment, this was the day! This was the sorry result of our efforts. Yes, this is AFTER baking. Each one of those babies weighs at least 10 pounds. I don't even want to think about how many thigh-pounds that equates to if you were to actually eat one. AND, they didn't even SMELL or TASTE GOOD! I don't get it. We followed the directions EXACTLY. I guess there are just some secrets that only grandpas know.

I thought Bryce would be crushed or mad or both but he was actually quite philosophical about it. We had a good laugh and then spent the rest of the day thinking of alternative uses for our loaves such as building adobe houses, re-landscaping the garden, or weightlifting.

Do you think they'll rescind my membership in the Relief Society?


Michelle said...

Pretty sure that they will no longer let you in relief society. I mean really, every woman must bake bread, sew their own clothes, and grow their own food...You can join the rest of us R.S. rejects in the'll be in good company.

Christina Bond said...

Hey, if it makes you feel better I can't even get frozen bread dough to rise. I've been through bag after bag and have now finally given up.