Monday, January 12, 2009

Family Portrait

Ahh...there's nothing like taking a family portrait to bring out feelings of love and togetheness...
First, there are the all important wardrobe decisions.
Then, of course, a location must be scouted. We had decided the location, but it turns out the weather was TOO good that day! Can you believe it? Schedules dictated that we take the picture about 11am and the sun was too high, casting shadows and causing unsightly squinting. So, an advance scouting party located this gorgeous location which had the advantages of:
  1. snowdrifts
  2. chilling winds, and, of course, the whole reason for the move:
  3. shade

Combined, the effect was quite arctic I must say.

Here are some of my favorite faces from the day:

In the end, I'm sure you'll agree, the resulting picture was WELL worth the effort!
Tee hee...ok, here's a real one:

Pretty awesome family.

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The Queen said...

that's a lot of people! looks good!