Monday, March 9, 2009

Ready, Set, ERROR!

BYU housing opened up for applications 7am California time on Saturday. Justin and 3 other friends are hoping to share a 4-person suite in the dorms, so their place in the queue will determine the order in which they get to pick their rooms. In preparation, they all stayed over at our house on Friday night, armed with laptops and their net id's. Despite playing video games until the wee hours of the morning they were up at 6:30 logging in and getting ready to log in the application at 7:00 sharp!
So they're in! Each one has a different place in the queue but all is well. Until....

Error! Illegal operation! Log in again! AAARGH!

The frustration level was high as each one got various error messages. Do they wait for the server to catch up? Do they log out and then back in? What to do? Justin was the first one in at 7:09, but then it froze up as he was finishing his application so he had no idea if it submitted or not. Mitchel was the last to get in about an hour and a half later and then at that point they all started getting their confirmations... Keep your fingers crossed!


Zurmely family said...

You would think that they would figure out how to keep the server from crashing... it was the same problem 10 years ago! oh, did i say 10? i meant 2!! lol.

Happy Gilmores said...

ah, this brings back such fun memories two years ago with Sean. And I think next year we will have to try and help him find something, along with his buddies, since they will all still be on missions when the good apartments get taken. So which dorm is he going for? Sean was in Helaman Halls and did the whole Freshman Academy thing which turned out to be a good thing for him and his friends.