Friday, March 13, 2009

Rocks, Princesses & Fish

The youth in our church have been working on a "roadshow" for the last 6 weeks. This is a 9 minute original production put on by each ward (congregation) which we performed last Saturday in two locations (perform, drive to new location, perform again). We have spent many hours peparing. Our show was written and directed by the incomparable Lincoln Hoppe, music by our very own Bishop, Alan Williams, and costumes by the multi-talented and generally amazing Janelle Dahl (she, unfortunately, does not have her own website...), and general nagging by me and the other young women leaders. At one point I heard: "Sister Peacock, you're scaring me!" and "Sister Peacock, you should try St. John's Wort. It can do wonders!". Hmm...I wonder what that means? I'll have to look into that...

Our story follows poor Jeff as he tries to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up for a school project as he deals with the common problem of having a ninja following him at school.

In order to help him, his father tells him as series of nonsensical stories. The clip below shows two of the three stories--the first one about rocks and the second one about princesses.

(you may recognize the "Sarjent" and the rock in line next to him...) I worked mainly with the princesses. Trust me, you'll be singing this little ditty for days!

Then there is a story about fish with only "bubbling" and swimming. The next day Jeff is at school and finds that each story helps him face his ninja, using moves he learned from each of the stories. Of course, they all live happily ever after!


Spiker said...

Fine, only film the part your kid is in! No ninja??? Sorry the stage mother in me reared her ugly head. that was so fun. A lot of work for you too!

Lisa P said...

Linda, do you know HOW LONG it took me to get that stinkin' video to work? I had to prioritize!