Saturday, March 7, 2009

President's Day in St. George

The boys had a rare 4-day weekend over President's Day in February.
So here's your practice SAT math question: Our nephew Jackson had a baseball tournament in St. George so Jeff had a brainstorm that we should go see him play and we could stay with the grandparents in their rented 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house along with Jackson's family (Kaysville Peacocks) of 7. Only, 5 of the 7 Kaysville Peacocks could not make it, but Jeff talked his sister Michelle's family (Lindon McGills) of 6 into coming. They never take much convincing, they're always ready to party. What is the total body count for the weekend?
I'll help:
5 Valencia Peacocks +
2 St. George Peacocks +
7 Kaysville Peacocks -
5 Kaysville Peacocks+
6 Lindon McGills =
15 total bodies in 3 bedrooms and 2 baths.
AND, Grandpa Bruce didn't want Grandma Joyce to worry about the arrangements so he told her about the addition of the Valencia Peacocks and Lindon McGills THE DAY BEFORE we arrived ;)
AND, even though it was Jackson's party and his family held seniority in the queue, this is where he and his dad slept:
Course, Jeff thought it would be funny to wake them up by pushing the panic button for the car, but he settled for just opening the garage door on them one morning. His brother Brad is apparently used to his antics, I guess, cuz it didn't even faze him.
Brad professed to be quite comfortable in the garage.
All of the close quarters did alert us to the fact that Justin sings in his sleep. Yes, sings. (Fortunately there wasn't a question about that on his BYU housing application, or Pat might change his mind about rooming with him!) Apparently he goes to sleep with his iPod on and spontaneously breaks into song throughout the night!
Anyway, back to the festivities. There were lots of games...
Jackson's an amazing ball player and his team made it to the finals on Monday after we had gone, but unfortunately lost to a team from Las Vegas that we're sure had faked their birth certificates to shave 5 years from their ages.
In addition, we...
played golf (how did they talk Zack into this?),
ate (a lot. Remember the previously oft discussed bread?),
visited Zions,


and had a generally splendid time with some of our favorite people!

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Happy Gilmores said...

Next time, do what we do when we are in St. George. Stay at Green Gate Village and let the kids stay and Grandpa and Grandmas... Sounds like a fun weekend!