Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mr. Tux

Yesterday was prom.

Justin and his date, Ashley Kramer

Justin does love his formal wear. Browse through his looks over the years:

April, 2009: Prom

grey tux, black shirt and corner square, red vest and tie, black vans, red flowers

January, 2009: Winter Formal
black tux, white shirt and corner square, plum vest and tie, black vans, white flowers (not shown)

May, 2008: Prom
cream tux, shirt and shoes, bronze vest and tie, yellow flowers

May 2008: LDS Prom
I call this the emo look...
black suit (gasp!), shirt, tie and shoes, red flowers

February, 2009: Winter Formal
black & white pinstriped tux, white shirt, vest and tie, white vans, pink flowers

February, 2007: Winter Formal
Black on black pinstriped tux, black shirt and shoes, silver vest and tie, red flowers

I have learned alot about men's formalwear through Justin. In this regard, it is not necessarily cheaper to be the mother of sons. In fact, it is Jeff's pet peeve: "When I was in high school, I never..." He swears he's going to bribe Tyler to purchase a tux to his first dance and then he will rent or buy the vest/ties to change the look. Of course, you know I'll let you know how far he gets with that one.
When selecting formal wear, it is important to match what the girl is wearing...
Of course, vest, tie and flower selection is important. But, it's those little details that really distinguish the snappy dresser...note the shoes and even shoelaces. It is especially great to be a guy since they have learned to wear color coordinated Vans (canvas tennis shoes) and certainly don't have to suffer for their fashion (as opposed to the girls who usually can't stand to wear their gorgeous shoes much past when the pictures are taken).
Two of my favorite ensembles of the night! At far left: Justin Wells in a white tux, pink vest and tie, white framed sunglasses, white vans with pink details AND the finishing touch: a Dodger hat painted white with pink underbill and pink "LA". Then, Tim in the middle. Tim is wearing a cream tux with an orange vest and teal tie, accessorized with purple vans. You should have seen how perfectly he matched the dress his date was wearing!

It was a good run for Justin. I guess he'll have to wait until... (gasp!)... to order his next tux!


Zurmely family said...

Matching the girl with his next tux may cramp his creative style! I love how modestly, yet tastefully elegant his dates were all dressed! He's got good taste!

Hoskins Family said...

They sure do take a great picture together! Love the stroll thru the years!

the organic kitchen said...

Wow they look very dapper! Ashley does a good job finding cute modest dresses. Hope they had fun!