Monday, April 27, 2009

And All We Have to Show For It Is...

A few weeks back we went to Yucca Valley to hang out with the folks for the weekend. Mom (previous blog nay-sayer and now blog devotee) said when we spent time with the Peacocks we always seemed to do more things, as evidenced by pictures and write up on the blog (click here for instance). Being competitive (hey, I don't get it from strangers!) she vowed to have more blog worthy activities when we came to visit. We:
  • Had a wonderful dinner with my brother and family--all 11 around the dining room table! I don't think anything makes Mom happier than a fully decked out table surrounded by family.
  • Went to the movies and dinner (Cheesecake Factory, yum!) in Palm Desert. We saw "Knowing" and group consensus was that it was very strange. The previews for coming movies, however, were memorable for being truly horrifying.
  • Mandatory grandson hiking.
  • Introduced Mom to Twilight and watched the movie cuz it's so fun to see the boys squirm and protest. She wasn't getting the whole teenage vampire love story so I've sent her the books. I think a "Team Edward" t-shirt will have to follow, although she'll probably be more of a Jacob fan.
  • Oh, and, the obligatory destroying of Justin's shoe by the puppy.

All that and the only proof we have that we were even there is this lone picture from my Dad's i-phone:

Sorry Mom!

Note to self: remove camera from duffle bag next time...

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The rlmmmmcaress family said...

And hanging out with us would have totally been cool. I would have even taken a few pics for you, 'cause I don't go anywhere with my camera. Give us a ring-a-ding next time.